The trusted, go-to concussion experts.

The Concussion Management Clinic is founded on research-based, clinically-proven methods for evaluation and treatment of concussion, concussion symptoms and the affects of a wide range of traumatic head injuries.

Our concussion treatment program is the most comprehensive in Western New York. Using a multidisciplinary team approach led by John Leddy, M.D. and Barry Willer, Ph.D. patients will be evaluated by physicians, neuropsychologists and other specialists in a complete, holistic approach to concussion treatment and recovery.

Our Expert Team:

  • leddy
    John J. Leddy, M.D.
    Concussion Management Clinical Director
  • BarryWiller09
    Barry Willer, Ph.D.
    Research Director of the Concussion Clinic
  • darling
    Scott Darling, M.D.
    Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician
  • scott
    Scott Dinse, PT,AT
    Physical Therapist
support@jfitzgeraldgroup.comClinical Staff