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March 2019 

WGRZ: Original Report: Remembering Steve Montador

February 2019 

The Buffalo News: UB concussion study hailed as ‘landmark’ likely to influence treatment worldwide

The Daily Mail: Exercise is better than rest for a concussion: Concussed teens recover faster if they hit the treadmill instead of the sofa, study finds

The University at Buffalo: Concussed adolescent athletes ‘prescribed’ aerobic exercise recovered faster 

Futurity: Right exercise ‘dose’ treats teen concussions

MD Magazine: Aerobic Exercise Expedites Adolescent Athlete Concussion Recovery Time 

ScienceDaily: Concussion treatment: Adolescent athletes ‘prescribed’ aerobic exercise recovered faster 

PsychCentral: Supervised aerobics may hasten teen athletes’ concussion recovery

WBFO: UB study finds moderate exercise speeds concussion recovery

NY Sports Writers: Concussion study

MDLinx: Low-level exercise soon after concussion cuts recovery time

The Buffalo News: Editorial: UB research duo makes leap forward in treating concussions

My Twin Tiers: Exercise is better than rest: UB publishes a landmark study on concussions

DoctorsLounge: Subsymptom threshold exercise speeds concussion recovery time

August 2018 

Niagara Gazette: Former Bills safety highlights concussion talk

The Buffalo News: UB study of ex-Bills, Sabres finds CTE ‘much more rare than we thought’ 

EurekAlert: Study of 21 retired NFL and NHL players doesn’t find evidence of early onset dementia

WGRZ: UB study looks at dementia in NFL, NHL players

WKBW: UB researchers studied the brains of retired Bills and Sabres players 

Volleyball Mag: Research and science of concussions: Diagnosis, treatment, prevention

University at Buffalo: Comprehensive study of 21 retired NFL and NHL players doesn’t find evidence of early onset dementia 

July 2018

Niagara Frontier Publications: WNY Public Health Alliance, state Public Health Association talk concussion management 

April 2018

Star Advertiser: Experts piece together new treatment protocols for student athletes

February 2018

WIVB: Local concussion expert weighs-in in new data about CTE 

Star Tribune: Does CTE call for an end to youth tackle football

WIVB: FDA approves first blood test to diagnose traumatic brain injuries 

University at Buffalo: Leddy Cautions New Test Detects Brain Bleeding – Not Concussion 

Physical Therapy Products: Concussion Expert Raises Concerns About FDA Blood Test Approval 

University at Buffalo: New blood test detects traumatic brain injury – not concussion – UB expert warns 

December 2017

Newswise: AMSSM Awards $300,000 Research Grant for Concussion Recovery Study

University at Buffalo: Fifteen ways UB researchers changed the world – and made headlines – in 2017

November 2017

New Zealand Harold: Heads put together to help 35,00 Kiwi concussion sufferers

Scoop Health: Hard Hitting Concussions Spark Response 

October 2017

The Guardian: This is what a brain injury feels like

The Verge: Diary of a Concussion 

July 2017

WIVB: CTE study puts spotlight on football safety in WNY

June 2017

University at Buffalo: Concussion Guidelines Adopted at International Level

May 2017

WGRZ: Benigni: The bike helmet made all the difference

WKBW: UB concussion expert: light activity is the best way to get better faster

University at Buffalo: New concussion guidelines updated to eliminate one key component: prolonged rest

The Straights Times: It’s better to move 1, 2 days after concussion 

March 2017

University at Buffalo: Observational Study Adds Evidence of Post-Concussion Exercise Benefit

Time Warner Cable News: Study: Female Athletes Sidelines by Concussions More Often Than Men

December 2016 

University at Buffalo: Evidence grows showing benefits of post-concussion exercise but causation yet to be proven, UB expert says

November 2016

Healthline: When Should a Student Return to Class After a Concussion?

QNS: Increased awareness about concussions amplifies the search for solutions

October 2016

Wall Street Journal: New Thinking on Concussion Treatment 

September 2016

In Good Health: Heads Up: Concussions Can Endanger High School  

June 2016

University at Buffalo: Leddy Receives National Award for Research on Concussion in Teens

May 2016 

The Buffalo News: Hope for the future: Local athletes find alternative that could shorten concussion recover time

Reuters:  Concussions tied to more school problems than other injuries

Time Warner Cable News: Evidence-Based Assessment & Treatment of Concussion Conference Coverage

University at Buffalo: National sports medicine organization honors Leddy’s research on concussion in teens

University at Buffalo: UB doctor gets national recognition for concussion research

April 2016

The Buffalo News: Knowing the causes, symptoms and treatment is the best defense against the long-term, dangers of concussions

March 2016

University at Buffalo: What do concussions do to your body and brain? UB study focuses on teens

The Buffalo News: UB researchers to study role of excercise in concussion recovery

January 2016

CBS News: Could exercise help teens recover from concussion?

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