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February 2018

WIVB: Local concussion expert weighs-in in new data about CTE 

Star Tribune: Does CTE call for an end to youth tackle football

WIVB: FDA approves first blood test to diagnose traumatic brain injuries 

University at Buffalo: Leddy Cautions New Test Detects Brain Bleeding – Not Concussion 

Physical Therapy Products: Concussion Expert Raises Concerns About FDA Blood Test Approval 

University at Buffalo: New blood test detects traumatic brain injury – not concussion – UB expert warns 

December 2017

Newswise: AMSSM Awards $300,000 Research Grant for Concussion Recovery Study

University at Buffalo: Fifteen ways UB researchers changed the world – and made headlines – in 2017

November 2017

New Zealand Harold: Heads put together to help 35,00 Kiwi concussion sufferers

Scoop Health: Hard Hitting Concussions Spark Response 

October 2017

The Guardian: This is what a brain injury feels like

The Verge: Diary of a Concussion 

July 2017

WIVB: CTE study puts spotlight on football safety in WNY

June 2017

University at Buffalo: Concussion Guidelines Adopted at International Level

May 2017

WGRZ: Benigni: The bike helmet made all the difference

WKBW: UB concussion expert: light activity is the best way to get better faster

University at Buffalo: New concussion guidelines updated to eliminate one key component: prolonged rest

The Straights Times: It’s better to move 1, 2 days after concussion 

March 2017

University at Buffalo: Observational Study Adds Evidence of Post-Concussion Exercise Benefit

Time Warner Cable News: Study: Female Athletes Sidelines by Concussions More Often Than Men

December 2016 

University at Buffalo: Evidence grows showing benefits of post-concussion exercise but causation yet to be proven, UB expert says

November 2016

Healthline: When Should a Student Return to Class After a Concussion?

QNS: Increased awareness about concussions amplifies the search for solutions

October 2016

Wall Street Journal: New Thinking on Concussion Treatment 

September 2016

In Good Health: Heads Up: Concussions Can Endanger High School  

June 2016

University at Buffalo: Leddy Receives National Award for Research on Concussion in Teens

May 2016 

The Buffalo News: Hope for the future: Local athletes find alternative that could shorten concussion recover time

Reuters:  Concussions tied to more school problems than other injuries

Time Warner Cable News: Evidence-Based Assessment & Treatment of Concussion Conference Coverage

University at Buffalo: National sports medicine organization honors Leddy’s research on concussion in teens

University at Buffalo: UB doctor gets national recognition for concussion research

April 2016

The Buffalo News: Knowing the causes, symptoms and treatment is the best defense against the long-term, dangers of concussions

March 2016

University at Buffalo: What do concussions do to your body and brain? UB study focuses on teens

The Buffalo News: UB researchers to study role of excercise in concussion recovery

January 2016

CBS News: Could exercise help teens recover from concussion?

December 2015

University at Buffalo: New concussion treatment could change how head injuries are treated

The Buffalo News: UB study to effect exercise on victims of concussion

June 2015

HBO Real Sports: Girls Interrupted 

April 2015

WIVB: UB Concussion Management Clinic Study


John Leddy, M.D.- WGR 550 radio interview on the Sabres Hockey Hotline with Kevin Sylvester and former Sabre Andrew Peters, 2013:

Exercise Stress Testing as a Valid Indicator of Concussion Recovery in Adolescents:

April 2012 – UBMDOSM Primary Care physician Scott Darling, M.D. presented a poster at the 21st Annual Meeting of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia

Niagara Falls Reporter Article – ImPACT Concussion Testing:

ImPACT: the Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing program

UB Feature Stories – “Fourth and One”:

Pioneering Research at UB Concussion Management Clinic helps Football Player make Tough Choice

UB Develops Return-to-Play Test for Athletes with Concussion:

Currently no standardized method exists to assess when the time is right. It is usually a judgment call made by team physicians. The treadmill test devised by UB concussion specialists in the Department of Orthopaedics could change that by providing a systematic approach to evaluate readiness.

Spring 2011 Buffalo Physician – “Exercised about Concussions”:

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, researchers at the Concussion Management Clinic have discovered that a program of progressive exercise—developed individually for each participant and performed at levels just below the onset of symptoms— is safe for PCS patients and can relieve nearly all their symptoms.

News Release – Specialized Exercise Regimen Shown to Relieve Prolonged Concussion Symptoms:

University at Buffalo researchers are the first to show that a controlled individualized exercise training program can bring athletes and others suffering with post-concussion syndrome (PCS) back to the playing field or to their daily activities, January 2010

“A Preliminary Study of Subsymptom Threshold Exercise Training for Refractory Post-Concussion Syndrome”:

Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, January 2010

New York Times article quotes Dr. Willer:

After Lost Season, Sabre Returns for Cup Run, April 2007

Buffalo News article on the Concussion Management Clinic:

Sabres’ center among patients who find adding exercise to recovery regimen seems to speed healing from injuries, April 2007

Buffalo News article on the Concussion Management Clinic:

Sabres’ center among patients who find adding exercise to recovery regimen seems to speed healing from injuries, April 2007

Emergency Department Head Injury Discharge Form:

Brain Injury, 2006, 1–6, preview article

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